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Uncover where your brand is and find the quickest route to CX maturity.

Your brand regularly undertakes a detailed financial audit, why wouldn’t you undertake a CX audit to understand how a brand’s investment are impacting the mission of creating unbreakable customer relationships? Our Audit service helps brands function with greater confidence. An audit is a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of a brand’s customer experience, providing insight that can inform future brand aspirations.

As part of the process we assess the following:

  • What CX data is collected
  • What CX data is used (and by whom)
  • How CX data is impacting business decisions and outcomes
  • The current roadmap for CX evolution

This top to bottom assessment is then compared against leading organizations across key industries. Detailed benchmarks are provided across a number of key dimensions including revenue and profit. The CX Audit report uncovers key issues a brand faces now and in the future. Most importantly the CX Audit provides a clear understanding of a brand’s current position and a roadmap which includes a set of key priorities around the most important actions that need to be undertaken in order to build unbreakable customer relationships.